Fast Credit

Sierra Motors is a family owned company and we treat our customers like part of the family. We'll listen to your unique story and situation and, unlike banks and other financing institutions, we look for reasons to give you the credit you deserve instead of reasons not to.

If you have had problems getting an auto loan elsewhere because of bad credit, we can get you financing to purchase your vehicle and get back on track. If you can show us that you work and can afford the payments, you can leave our lot in your car today.

We Finance You While You Wait

Get credit without the hassle of a lengthy approval process! Our Green Light Special Financing process is simple, and we can tell you if you have been approved immediately.

Smooth-Handling Payments

We want to ensure that you are able to make payments comfortably, while still having money to enjoy other things in life.

Credit Reporting

As you make your payments, you improve your credit, and we report all credit to the credit bureaus.

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